As hurricane season approaches, it’s important to be prepared for potential emergencies. One vital aspect of hurricane readiness is having enough food and supplies. By creating a well-planned shopping list before a hurricane, you can ensure you have essential items even if there are power outages or limited access to stores. In this article, we will guide you through building a comprehensive shopping list for grocery shoppers before a hurricane, covering various food groups and other essential items.

Bread Group Items:

  • Crackers, dry breadsticks, pretzels: Non-perishable snacks that provide quick energy and don’t require cooking or refrigeration.
  • Melba toast, rice and popcorn cakes: Light and crispy alternatives to regular bread.
  • Breakfast cereal, dry pasta: Versatile staples that can be enjoyed as meals or snacks without needing milk or extensive cooking.
  • Nutritional bars: Stock up on protein bars or meal replacement bars for a quick source of sustenance.
  • Bread (keep frozen until needed): Purchase a loaf or two of bread to keep in the freezer. Freezing bread extends its shelf life, and you can thaw slices as needed.

Meat Group Items:

  • Canned or packaged tuna, chicken/turkey, meat: Protein-rich options that can be eaten straight from the can or used in various recipes.
  • Soup with beans or meat, beans, chili with meat or beans, ravioli/spaghetti, ham/pork, stew: Convenient canned soups and meals that require minimal preparation.
  • Vienna sausage, peanut butter, and nuts: Good sources of protein that can be eaten as is.
  • Commercially prepared beef or turkey jerky: Non-perishable jerky is a great snack option that doesn’t require refrigeration.

Milk Group Items:

  • Shelf-stable milk (keep chilled after opening): Long-lasting milk options that don’t need refrigeration until opened.
  • Powdered milk (will need extra water): Versatile choice that can be reconstituted with water.
  • Canned and boxed pudding: Non-refrigerated desserts for comforting treats during challenging times.
  • Nutritional drinks (e.g., Ensure): Consider stocking up on nutritional drinks that can serve as meal replacements.

Vegetable Group Items:

  • Canned vegetables: Choose a variety of canned vegetables for a balanced diet.
  • Soups of all types (cup of noodles, canned): Easy-to-prepare soups that provide essential nutrients and hydration.
  • Canned 3-bean salad: Ready-to-eat bean salad that is nutritious and tasty.

Fruit Group Items:

  • Canned fruit, applesauce: Fruits that provide essential vitamins and can be consumed without refrigeration.
  • Dried fruits (raisins, dates, apricots, etc.): Concentrated source of nutrients and convenient snacks.
  • 100% fruit juice (not fruit drinks or punch): Choose fruit juices without added sugars for refreshing and nutritious beverages.
  • Comfort Foods:
  • Quick energy snacks such as trail mix, granola and fruit bars, cookies: Snacks that provide an energy boost during stressful situations.
  • Hard candy, lollipops: Keep some hard candies and lollipops on hand to alleviate stress or discomfort.
  • Instant coffee and tea bags: Have instant coffee or tea bags available if you rely on caffeine. Enjoy a hot beverage even during power outages.

Items for Infants & Toddlers:

  • Ample amounts of food, formula (water), juice: Ensure you have enough baby food, formula, and juice for your little ones.
  • Diapers and wipes: Stock up on adequate diapers and wipes to last through the hurricane period.
  • Baby kit along with a stroller, portable crib, or playpen: If you plan to evacuate to a Hurricane Shelter, bring essential baby items and equipment for their comfort and safety.

Items for the Elderly:

  • Water and food items that address special dietary needs: Consider dietary restrictions and preferences when choosing items for the elderly.
  • Nutritional supplement drinks and low-sodium food: Ensure you have enough nutritional supplement drinks and low-sodium food options.
  • Sufficient medical supplies and prescription drugs: Prepare a two-week supply of necessary medications and medical supplies.

Items for Pets:

Non-Food Items – Toiletries:

Non-Food Items – Other:

  • Gas or induction stoves
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • First aid supplies, pain and muscle relief, stomach cramps and nausea tablets, rehydration sachets, anti-bacterial cream, alcohol swabs, plasters, bandages
  • Trash bags & Ziploc bags
  • Can opener
  • Fully charged power bank to charge mobile phones

Creating a comprehensive shopping list for grocery shoppers before a hurricane is crucial for ensuring you have the necessary supplies during an emergency. By considering the various food groups, comfort foods, and special requirements of infants, the elderly, and pets, you can be better prepared for any situation. Remember to review and rotate your supplies periodically to maintain freshness. Stay safe, stay prepared, and weather the storm with confidence. At Hurley’s we have everything you need.