Our Good Eats Menu sets us apart when it comes to Grand Cayman takeout restaurants, and that’s because we offer a wide selection of quality hot and cold food options. With over 50 cold or ready-to-heat dishes, and more than 25 freshly prepared hot food items daily, it’s really no wonder we’ve earned our reputation as one of the best takeout restaurants on the island. We love to spoil our customers with plenty to choose from, whether it be local or international favorites, and our Good Eats Menu boasts both! Whichever you prefer, the choice is yours!

Daily Menu - Fresh From Our Kitchen

Saturday - May 15, 2021

Featured Dinner Items

Cayman Style Beef 10.99 lb

Baked Salmon w Tomato Herb Salad 15.99 lb

Grilled Chicken w Mushroom Marsala 7.99 lb

Coconut Scotch Bonnet Shrimp 15.99 lb

Roast Mojo Pork Shoulder 8.99 lb

Red Chilli Brussels 6.99 lb

Rosemary Roast Potatoes 8.99 lb

Rice & Beans 6.99 lb

Fried Sweet Plantain 6.99 lb

Rotisserie Meat Features: Brined Roast Pork Shoulder 8.99 lb

Rotisserie Meat Features: Whole Stuffed Snapper 9.99 lb

Fresh From The Wok

Plum Glazed Chicken ---- $7.99 lb

Savory Crab Fried Rice---- $8.99 lb

Pineapple Soy Maui Beef Short Ribs---- $10.99 lb

Tempura Shrimp w Ginger Mirin Sc ---- $15.99 lb

Stir Fry Vegetables ---- $7.99 lb

Vegetable Fried Rice ---- $6.99 lb

Szechuwan Shrimp Lo Mien ---- $9.99 lb

Shang Hai Udon Noodles (chicken & shrimp) $7.99 lb

Chicken Dumplings ---- $0.80 ea

Stir Fry Vegetables ---- $6.99 lb

Lunch Features $6.99 lb

Curry Chicken

Snapper Escovich

Cayman Style Beef

Santa Fe Pork Wraps

Salt Beef & Beans

Chicken & Broccoli Penne Alfredo

Baked Mac & Cheese

Hurley's Fried Chicken

Fried Sweet Plantain

Rice & Beans

Red Bean & Beef Soup

Potato & Roast Garlic Soup

Lemon Grass Chicken & Ramen Soup

Menu items subject to change depending on local availability.


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