Congratulations to all our winners in the Hurley’s Easter Egg Hunt Competition

Hurley’s Easter Egg Hunt Winners:
  1. Elizabeth McIntosh – Grand Prize
  2. Beanca Myles – Runner Up
  3. Roxenette Valerio – Second Runner Up

Pepsi Prize Winners:

  • Tony Kundnani
  • Sarah May
  • Derrie Richardson
  • Amy Rousseau
  • Alice Nelson
  • Mel Stafford

Other Prize Winners:

  • Ella Minzett
  • Sophia Lee
  • Melody Eden
  • Jerome Canoy
  • Jessie Stewart
  • Debbie Mairs
  • Shane Kee (Michelle)
  • Philippa Lamfers
  • Finnly Connors (Darcy)
  • Dania Gall-Bennett
  • Mejeta Humphreys
  • Amber Smith
  • Naresh Kundnani
  • Layla Williams
  • Braydan Parsons
  • Eric Pattee
  • Anna Carmela Umgriano
Prizes can be collected between Tuesday, April 9th and Saturday, April 13th from our Customer Service Desk.
Thank you to all who participated and well done to all our winners!