If you’re looking for mains and sides to feed the whole family, then you’ve come to the right place! Our freshly made family meals are convenient, delicious, and healthy. Prepared fresh daily, just for you, each meal serves 4-6 people, all you need to do is heat and eat! There’s no need to stress about preparing meals for the family; order meals online and let Hurley’s take the reins for you. Family Meals need to be ordered before 2pm and picked up the following day after 2pm. For Monday pick up, please place your order before 2pm on the Saturday prior. Order your Family Meals today by calling 233-0535 or order through our new app, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Convenient, fresh, delicious, healthy mains and sides to feed the whole family.


Cayman Style Beef   $25.00

Pepper Steak   $25.00

Oxtail & Beans   $25.00

Roast Beef with Au Jus   $25.00

Cube Steak with Brown Gravy & Mushrooms   $23.00

Sheppard's Pie   $23.00


Jerk Pork   $20.00

Pork Chops with Onion Gravy   $20.00

Mojo Roast Pork Shoulder   $20.00

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs   $23.00


Jerk Chicken   $20.00

Brown Stew Chicken   $20.00

Curry Chicken   $20.00

Lemon Roast Chicken with Thyme Pan Gravy   $21.00

BBQ Chicken   $21.00

Chicken Parmigiana   $21.00

Fish / Seafood

Snapper Escoviche   $26.00

Snapper Fillet Escoviche   $40.00

Steam Fish w Crackers & Okra   $26.00

Steam Fish Run Down   $26.00

Stewed Conch with Sea Pie   $45.00

Cayman Style Lobster   $45.00

Cayman Style Fish   $26.00

Creamy Garlic Shrimp   $42.00

Pasta / Vegetable Dishes

Lasagne with Meat Sauce   $29.00

Vegetable Lasagne   $26.00

Jerk Chicken Penne   $22.00

Chicken Penne Alfredo w Broccoli   $22.00

Scalloped Potatoes (with Ham)   $20.00

Au Gratin Potatoes   $20.00

WOK / Asian

Sweet & Sour (Pork or Chicken)   $22.00

Ginger Wok (Chicken or Pork)   $22.00

Sesame (Chicken or Pork)   $22.00

Mongolian (Chicken or Pork)   $22.00

Lemon Wok (Chicken or Pork)   $22.00

Wok: Beef

Mongolian Beef   $26.00

Wok Beef & Broccoli   $26.00

Wok Beef & Asparagus   $26.00

Mushroom Wok Beef   $26.00

Special Wok

Bang Bang Shrimp   $42.00

Chicken Lo Mien   $22.00

Shrimp Lo Mien   $24.00


Veggie Fried Rice   $12.00

Wok Vegetables & Noodles   $16.00

Stir Fry Vegetables   $16.00

Veggie Spring Rolls (8 pc)   $10.00

Chicken Potstickers (8 pc)   $8.00

Mac & Cheese   $15.00

Rice & Beans   $12.00

White Rice   $10.00

Fried Sweet Plantain   $12.00

Callaloo Rice   $12.00

Sautéed Vegetables   $16.00

Garlic Bread   $10.00

Roast Potatoes   $14.00

Mashed Potatoes   $14.00

Steamed Brown Rice   $12.00